How to control the cost of corn deep processing machinery?

The corn processing equipment is a kind of popular food processing equipment. It can turn corn into different kinds of food for people to enjoy. Controlling the cost of purchasing the corn deep processing equipment is a efficient way of saving cost.
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What do we need to pay attention while buying a corn process equipment?

  1. Quality. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of corn deep processing equipment in the market. The types of corn processing equipment is also various. Therefore, when selecting a corn milling equipment, we must choose equipment with new technology, stable quality and reliable operation to ensure the process is stable, each system is matched, and all links are smooth, which can effectively reduce the failure rate and maintenance rate and ensure the production efficiency of the corn flour mill.
  2. Installation. It is necessary to install the corn deep processing equipment according to the correct process, considering the operability and meeting the safety production standards, the machine meets sanitary standards, and ensuring a good working environment for the workers, reducing dust and noise pollution. The transformer should be installed as close as possible to the power supply. The longer the cable, the greater the power loss.
  3. Production. The reduction of power consumption in this respect can greatly reduce the production cost of corn deep processing equipment, so the choice of motor is also crucial, in the process of considering power consumption, motor quality and start-up performance are two factors that must be considered. Run time and circuit also have a certain impact on power consumption. Choosing a good motor is very important for energy saving.
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What else functions should the corn processing machinery have?

  1. First of all, the machine should have a basic function, it is that the corn deep processing equipment should be equipped with a cooling device which can process the heat sensitive material, thereby to ensure the color, taste and quality of the material. At the same time, it has a good heat-discharge function, and avoid the sudden increase of temperature caused deterioration of material. With the cooling device, the corn deep processing equipment can work continuously.
  2. In addition, during the normal operation of corn processing equipment, operators can adjust the fineness of the flour anytime according to the actual demand. There is no need to increase screening to ensure the screening effect. The wearing part of the corn processing machine should adopts wear resistant material or hard alloy,  and meet the hygiene standards of the products.
  3. In addition, when the corn processing machinery does not stop, it can still clear the material at any time, which is good for preventing clogging, ensuring uniform mixing, and no powder residue in one time, which can ensure the uniformity of various components. Moreover, the feed size is not limited, it can be directly fed into the machine without coarse crushing, and can adapt to various materials with different water content.

Why choose KEMC corn flour mill processing machine?

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