Gravity Grading Destoner

Gravity grading destoner

Gravity grading destoner is used in wheat and other grain cleaning process to remove impurities in raw material, this destoner can efficiently separate the stones, glasses and other high density or low density impurities in grain.
There are two layers of the destoner with different functions. The upper layer can separate impurities and raw materials, and the lower layer can remove impurities such as stones, glassed and so on.

Features of gravity grading destoner

  • Excellent separation efficiency can effectively remove a variety of stones from a large number of grains to ensure an ideal cereal cleaning.
  • Excellent separation of high density impurities, such as stones and glasses and metal impurities, effectively reduces the wear and tear on the equipment of the next production process.
  • A wide range of applications, the destoner can be applied to the cleaning and processing of grain such as wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley and millet


Model Power(kw) Capacity (t/h) Air pressure Air suction (m3/h) Dimension(mm)
TQSF40 2*0.25 1.5-2.5 <980 3000 1270*700*1600
TQSF50 4-6 4000 1420*780*1800
TQSF63 5-7 4500 1450*876*1800
TQSF80 7-9 6000 1450*1046*1800
TQSF100 9-11 8000 1500*1246*1900
TQSF125 11-16 10200 1500*1496*1920
TQSF150 2*0.37 12-18 12000 1500*1746*1800
TQSF175 18-23 15000 1500*1996*1800
TQSF200 16-26 17000 1500*2246*1900
TQSF250 22-32 20600 1500*2796*1920


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