Flour plansifter

Plansifter can be used in material sifting and classification, it can also be used for flour and corn for grading. Different quantities of silos and sieves can be selected to meet various application requirements. The flour plansifter contains three parts: a central drive unit and two lateral cabins hosing the sifting channels.

Features of plansifiter

  • The plansifter has the characteristics of large screen size, easy to clean and low maintenance cost.
  • The plansifter is made of high quality steel plate, high intensity and durable, the technology of aluminum alloy patent technical sieve has the characteristics of high precision, long service life without deformation.
  • The cleaning part can clean up every corner of the sieve to ensure the safety and sanitation of the equipment.
  • Channels of the flour plansifter are separated to prevent the material mixing together.


Model Number of grid Sieve specifications (mm) Case number Weight(kg) Power (kw)
FSFG4*24C 4 640*640 18-28 2750 4
FSFG6*24E 6 640*640 18-28 3750 5.5
FSFG8*24FA 8 740*740 18-28 6600 11
FSFG6*24G 6 640*640 18-28 3750 5.5
FSFG8*24G 8 640*640 18-28 4800 7.5
FSFG10*24H 10 740*740 18-28 4300 15
FSFG4*28H 4 740*740 20-30 3700 5.5


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