Magnetic Selector

magnetic selector
Magnetic selector is mainly used to separate steel or alloy foreign bodies from other material. In the flour milling process. Magnetic selector is mainly used for wheat cleaning, maize cleaning or other grain cleaning.
TXCT magnetic selector is a kind of small magnetic separation equipment that doesn’t need driving power. It can be installed in front of the flour milling machine or to be concatenated in the elephant trunks of flour milling plant.

Working principle of magnetic selector

The magnetic selector allow the raw material to go through it evenly. When the raw material (such as maize, wheat, rice and so on.) goes through the machine. Steel or iron impurities will be selected out and attach on the magnet bucket.
Magnetic selector is a small but important part of grain flour milling plant. It is a grain processing equipment which is generally be used with flour mill and maize mill.
magnetic selector structurer
Main Structurer of Magnetic Selector
1. Flexible Coupling
2. Permanent Magnet
3. Inspection Door
4. Impurity Stopper Ring

Working process of magnetic selector

The working process of the magnetic separator is that: the machine makes the materials (maize flour, wheat flour…) flow along the circumference evenly in the machine, when the maize flour flows through the magnet, iron impurities will be selected and separate from the flour.
In order to ensure the flour material distribute evenly around the magnetic selector, it must be installed vertically. The feeding pipe at the top of the selector should also be vertical, so that to ensure the feeding process vertical and evenly.

Features of magnetic selector

  • The magnetic selector is equipped with a stopper ring on the bottom of the magnet to prevent the absorbed iron impurities being washed away by the flowing flour.
  • Equipped with a buffer device to reduce the speed of the material, can improve the magnetic  separation effect.
  • The magnet is fixed on the door, which makes the cleaning job more easier to do the cleaning job. Once you open the door you can clean the magnet.
  • There is an inspection door to monitoring the working condition and clean the machine in time. Keep the machine clean manually and regularly.
Modle Inlet Diameter(mm) Capacity(t/h) Deironing Efficiency Magnetic Field Intensity
TCXT12 120 4 99% >=3000GS
TCXT15 150 10
TCXT20 200 20
TCXT25 250 35
TCXT35 300 45

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