How does a cassava flour milling plant work in Thailand?

KEMC specializes in the production of complete cassava flour production line. Our cassava milling machine is fully automatic, from washing and stripping fresh cassava until the final dry cassava flour and packaged flour are bagged. Cassava is one of the most important cash crops in the world. The processing of cassava flour in Thailand is a good project and can achieve high profits.

cassava root and cassava flour

High quality cassava flour production process:

Technical process:

Fresh cassava - Cassava cleaning and peeling - Milling - Dewatering - Drying - Sieving - Final cassava flour

cassava flour milling process

Main machine adopted in cassava flour factory:

Dry sieve - Paddle washer - Cassava peeler - Crusher(hammer mill) - Plate and frame filter press - Vibration sieve - flash dryer

There are 6 processe of cassava flour processing line as follows:

1. the cleaning and washing process of cassava flour production line. In order to remove the dust, dirt, sand and other material, wash them clean and prepare to be processed. During this section, the cassava dry sieve and paddle washing machine is needed and work together to ensure the cleaness of the cassava roots.

2. The peeling process of cassava flour production line. In this part, the cassava peeling machine will peel the cassava outter peel for the processing of high quality cassava four.

3. Cassava milling process adopts our cassava milling machine. In this process, the cassava flour milling machine will turn the cassava root into cassava powder, which we can call it pre-processed cassava flour.

4. Dewatering process in the cassava flour processing line. The hydraulic press will be used to press dewatering for remove the water from cassava mash as much as possible.

5. Cassava flour drying setion of cassava flour production line: The special designed cassava flour drying machine will drying the wet cassava flour two times for complete drying the outter and inner of cassava flour.

6. The last process is cassava flour sieving and packing process. After all the process, we’ve got fine cassava flour and by using our cassava flour packing machine, they are now can be put in the market now.

Cassava industry in Thailand

Thailand is currently the third largest producer of cassava in the world, after Nigeria and Brazil. Because cassava is drought-tolerant and insect-resistant, it is easy to grow and is suitable for planting in northeastern Thailand where most droughts and other crops are not suitable for growth. At present, there are 45 cassava plants in the 76 provinces of Thailand. The main producing areas are located in the northeast, north and central parts of Thailand (including the east). From 1993 to 2003, the average area of cassava cultivation in Thailand was about 7.3 million rai (about 17.5 million mu) per year. It is mainly distributed in northeastern Thailand (53%) and central (33%), with a small amount (14%) in the north.

top 10 cassava  producers

Rice, rubber, cassava and longan are listed as the most important agricultural products in Thailand. As the world market has increased awareness of the versatility and superiority of cassava products (the lower cost of cassava compared to other industrial materials), the demand for cassava products is increasing. At present, cassava is developing into a very important economic crop in Thailand. Thailand is the third largest cassava planting area in the world. There are about 600,000 households that grow cassava every year. More than 2 million farmers in the country mainly use cassava as the main source of income. From cassava production to cassava processing industry, there are more than 10 million employees in the country, accounting for about one-sixth of the total population of Thailand.

Cassava flour milling plant and cassava flour milling line are also in great demand in Thailand. KEMC is one of the top cassava flour mills suppliers from China. Sino-Thai cooperation deepens all the time. There are many connection between these two countries in tourism, export and import, so import cassava flour milling production line and cassava flour milling plant is a wise choice.

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