How to clean and adjust the water content of wheat?

How to clean the wheat?

clean the wheat

As we all know that we usually use a flour machine when grinding flour. The flour machine equipment is divided into two systems: one is the grain cleaning system, and the other is the grinding system. The cleaning system of the flour machine is a system that cleans the wheat. There are many ways to clean wheat from the grinding machine. One of the most common methods is the screening. What is the screening? What equipment does it have and what is its principle? Today, we will simply tell everyone about wheat screening.

The concept and principle of the screening: The method of cleaning using the difference in particle size between wheat and impurities is called screening. The particle size is generally based on the thickness and width of wheat and impurities. The screening method needs to be equipped with a moving sieve with suitable sieve holes. Through the relative movement of the sieve surface and the wheat, the wheat is subjected to motion stratification, and the material with small particle size and large specific gravity contacts the sieve surface and being wiped out. The screening equipment commonly used in flour mills includes vibrating screens, flat rotary screens, and primary clear screens.

We simply talked about the concept, principle and equipment of the screening method. In fact, there are still many cleaning equipments and cleaning methods for flour machines, which will not be introduced one by one today. To learn more about the cleaning methods and equipment of the flour mill, please continue to pay attention to our website, the above method of cleaning the wheat machine, there will be a more detailed and professional introduction.

How to control the moisture content of wheat?

water content of wheat

We know that when the flour machine is running normally, if the moisture of the milled wheat is optimal, not only the ground wheat flour is good, but also the electricity consumption is saved. So how do you get the best wheat moisture when the flour machine is working properly? Today, simply tell everyone about this.

  • First of all, we should know that under normal conditions, the moisture content of wheat is 14.5% - 16.5%. This requires the flour machine operator to carefully study the specific flour mechanism process, raw material status, product moisture, product quality and output, moisture loss during grinding and conveying process, climatic conditions, etc. Good wheat is ground into water to achieve: stable process, meet production, meet product and by-product moisture requirements, good flour quality, low ash, high yield and appropriate power consumption.
  • Secondly, after determining the optimal moisture content of the wheat during the operation of the flour mill, the fluctuation of the required moisture content is ±0.5%, preferably controlled to ±0.2%.
  • Once again, we must ensure that the wheat moisture is evenly added; use multiple outlets to ensure that the material sinks evenly when it is out of the warehouse.

In addition, the time and frequency of wheat wheat should be based on the quality of wheat and the demand of the products, so as to ensure the perfect technological characteristics of wheat, ensuring low quality, yield and electricity consumption.

The above information is how to make the moisture of the wheat into the best when the grinding machine is in normal operation. If we can achieve the best condition of grinding wheat, then the flour produced by the flour machine will be of high quality and energy saving, which will bring more economic benefits to the flour mill.

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