What may influence the output of flour mills machinery?

Each flour mills machinery has its own theory of powder extraction rate. During the process of equipment operation, if the powder yield is reduced, the reasons are as follows: the moisture content of the milled wheat is too high; the water content of the milled wheat is too low; the quality of the wheat is poor; Roller wear; poor screening effect; poor cleaning effect; improper operation of flour mills machinery. As one of the leading flour mills machinery suppliers, we have solved the problem of reduced powder rate.
output rate of flour mills machinery
In this passage, we will introduce the judge low powder rate condition and other effect may influence the output of flour mills machinery.

Flour mill powder rate reduction causes and elimination methods

1. The moisture of wheat flow into flour mills machinery is too high. The upper endosperm of bran is difficult to scratch clean, difficult to screen.
Solution: In the process of washing wheat, adjust the time of wheat watering, guarantee the time of mashing, and make the wheat water content meets the requirements.
2. The wheat into flour mill machinery has a low moisture, which makes the bran brittle and difficult to scratch.
Solution: save as the above one
3. Poor quality of wheat, too much red wheat, with unreasonable and uneven batching.
Solution: Re-adjust the proportions to make them even.
4. The use of blunt grinding roller, production can not reach the required targets.
Solution: Re-wire the roller.
5. The flow is too large and the screen is not clean.
Solution: Adjust the flow amount of the wheat.
6. The operation of the flour mills machinery is unreasonable, and the stripping rate and the powder taking rate of each mill have not reached the target.
Solution: Re-adjust the flour mills machinery so that the rate of peeling and the rate of powder extraction for each skin-grinding article are in line with the requirements.
7. The screening effect is not good, the bran contains powder and the powder contains bran.
Solution: Adjust the degree of contact of the flour mill round screen brush against the screen cup, or replace the brush. If the sieve breaks, the new sieve should be repaired or replaced.
The above is the cause of the decrease of the flour rate of the flour mill and the corresponding solution

What should be paid attention to in order to increase flour production rate of flour mills machinery?

As a flour mill machinery manufacturer, it is possible to win long-term development only by continuously improving product quality and improving processing efficiency. So what do you need to pay attention to in order to increase the efficiency of the process?
Before you can increase efficiency, you first need to understand different wheat varieties. Such as winter wheat and spring wheat, compared with the former, the starch contained in the former is higher than the latter, so the powder extraction rate is high. Another example is durum wheat and soft wheat. Since the content of durum wheat is greater than that of soft wheat, and the bulk density is proportional to the flour yield, the hard wheat flour extraction rate is higher than that of soft wheat.
flour mill machinery
In addition, during the wheat milling process, the components of the equipment are changed and it is easy to affect the flour production rate of the flour mill. KEMC reminded operators that they should be flexible. For example, if the rinsing machine is damaged, in order to avoid the decrease of the efficiency, the grinding of the material can be strengthened at the same time, and the material can be dispersed into other purifiers through the distribution pipe to reduce the load.
In addition, in order to effectively improve the extraction rate, there is a very important basis is the need to accurately grasp the relationship between raw material moisture and the powder rate. When the temperature is higher and the water content of wheat is higher, the wind net effect can be properly strengthened to reduce the moisture. In the wheat washing process, the method of lowering the water level and reducing the time of wheat soaking can be adopted according to the situation.
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