A 100T/D wheat flour milling plant in Kazakhstan

Kostanay is a state of Kazakhstan where is famous for it's spring hard wheat.  Thanks to the one belt one road policy, our Kazakhstan client odered a100T/D wheat flour production plant in the middle of 2017, our staff pays alot attention on it and send a technolgy team to install and train the workers.
This 100T/D wheat flour milling plant contains all flour milling equipments from grain storage to flour packing. Include grain cleaning equipment, wheat flour mill and so on.  Here are some pictures.

100t/d wheat flour milling plant structure

100t/d wheat flour milling part

100t/d wheat flour high plansifter

Wheat brushing machine in the wheat flour plant

Storage silo in the 100t/d wheat flour plant

Destoner in the wheat flour milling plant

As an experienced flour mill machine manufacturer, we offer coordinated services from designing to running. You are welcome to send enquiry or consult any questions about flour milling or flour milling machines.
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